A Christian’s Approach to Suffering: 2 Ways to Beat Discouragement

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was exhausted. I actively competed in Speech and Debate in High School, and often our competitions were not over until 11:00pm, leaving me with hardly any sleep before our early morning church services.

This Sunday, I was adamant about resting. My feet hurt, my body ached, and I was committed to wait out our worship service slouched in my pew. No sooner had I come to this resolution when the church elder gestured for me to stand. “If you give God praise, He will make the tiredness go away,” he said.

Reluctantly I adhered, clapping my hands in obeisance, feeling guilty for my attitude. I clapped my hands a little harder, joining the church in full chorus. Minutes later, and a few songs in, I realized the elder was right – my tiredness was gone, and God had gotten the glory.
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The Burning Bush: 2 Things the Fire Teaches

In Exodus 3, the story of the burning bush is recorded. We learn that Moses was tending to his sheep in the field, when he noticed a shrub nearby that appeared to be on fire. Looking back to see what the cause of the fire was, Moses heard the voice of God speaking to him in the burning. The words that God spoke to Him in the fire were ones that shaped his future – it was in the fire that Moses learned the will of God. Continue reading “The Burning Bush: 2 Things the Fire Teaches”

TALITHA CUMI: A Message on Overcoming Difficulty

In Mark 5: 22-23 Jesus is approached by a man, Jairus, whose daughter was dying. I can only imagine this father’s fear, as came to the Lord, falling on his knees pleading for a miracle.

As Jesus makes his way to Jairus’ home, when He is stopped by a woman with an impotent disease. I can picture Jairus, heart pounding from fear, hands and knees shaking from impatience as Jesus is prolonged by this instance.

 Have their been recent times, when you feel as if Jesus is in no rush to come to your rescue? Perhaps you are in a state of unrest, unsure of where to go, feeling as if everyone else has received their miracle, except you. Jairus felt the same way. Continue reading “TALITHA CUMI: A Message on Overcoming Difficulty”

Following Christ: A New Freedom

Perhaps “I can’t wait to grow up,” was the mantra of your childhood. you were probably obsessed with looking at the cars zoom outside your bedroom window, wishing you were th driver behind one of them.

The only thing is, now that you are adult, counting your bills and responsibilities, you realize there is a high cost to liberty. And, you begin to miss your childhood, because even with those perpetuating guidelines, you can see being a kid was when you really were free.

Comparative to the nostalgia of many of our childhoods, is the result of what happens when we find liberty in Christ. “…for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (II Cor. 3:17). While many cringe at the thought of surrender to Christ (because who wants to give up all their fun?), the sobering reality is that, despite our free-will, adopting servanthood and living in obedience to Christ is the only key to freedom. Here’s why: Continue reading “Following Christ: A New Freedom”

Goliath: Why Confidence Isn’t Afraid of Your Giant

Young David looked up at Goliath. The giant was tall; foreboding even, and David, with his slingshot and shepherds clothing looked so small next to the leading armor-bearing combatant of his time. But David did not care. He had something better. David reached into his satchel, carefully selecting a smooth stone, examining it with his fingers. He placed the nugget in his sling, and reared his arm back. He let go and gave a triumph smile as Goliath fell. He had Jesus. Continue reading “Goliath: Why Confidence Isn’t Afraid of Your Giant”

Lessons from Discouragement: 3 Ways to Survive Setbacks

No one knows more about discouragement than the Biblical patriarch, Joseph: boy with a dream. As a child, Joseph received visions from God, in which he was shown his future position in leadership. Despite this wonderful revelation, the events that took place following were completely counterintuitive of what God had promised him. Instead of travelling a clear and prosperous road to his fruition, Joseph was stolen from his homeland to slavery, from slavery to servanthood, from servanthood to defamation, and from defamation to prison. But, though Joseph’s road led to a decade of discouragement, somehow, he never crippled by his circumstance.

Despite his deterrents, here are three things we can learn from Joseph to survive discouraging setbacks: Continue reading “Lessons from Discouragement: 3 Ways to Survive Setbacks”

Do You Want to Get Better? Get Up

For some time now, I’ve had a nagging unease. It’s as if God has extended His hand of Opportunity to me, and He, along with His angels, have been patiently waiting for me to take my duties from His hand and work with them.

But, allegorically speaking, I’ve been dragging my feet to God’s outstretched hand; my harvest on hold; hinging on whether or not I accept the call.

I woke the other morning feeling that familiar unease, and went before God.

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Faith: An Act of Obedience

“By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went.” (Heb. 11:8)

Last week, we spoke on faith, and how it is birthed through our actions. Today, I am going to discuss with you the act of obedience, and how this is the first step to growing in faith. Continue reading “Faith: An Act of Obedience”

Faith: Reshaping The Way We Think About Answered Prayers

Since I was a little girl, all I’ve wanted is beautiful, long hair. I would play pretend with long sleeved dresses, throwing them over my head and prancing around, making the sleeves into pseudo Rapunzel locks. When I was older, the pseudo locks long gone, I began to pray – it was the only thing I knew to do – that God would allow me to grow long and healthy hair. Just recently, when I began to pray again for hair retention this thought came to me: you are praying, and you know God is listening. What are you doing though, to meet these goals? Humbled, I realized I had not done much to achieve this goal at all. In fact, my lack of real hair care was probably the leading cause to its stagnated growth. So, I began working harder, doing more research, and applying action to my prayer when what do you know? My prayers are being answered. Continue reading “Faith: Reshaping The Way We Think About Answered Prayers”

God Resists the Proud: 3 Ways to Pursue Humility

I was at church yesterday, when someone spoke something to me in passing. The tone in which the person spoke irritated me; if I were to be more specific, they hurt my pride. Before I could stop, I heard myself retort back – passively so as not to create conflict, but quite vengefully just the same. The retaliation felt great… for about 2 seconds. And then the reality of what happened hit me. My ego was so big that I didn’t have room to love in humility. Contritely, I asked God to forgive me, and began to seek His help on humility. Here is what I am learning:

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